The Best Places to Eat Near Junkyard Golf Club Manchester

Manchester is our home and where it all began for Junkyard Golf Club, so if anyone knows the best places to eat near our venue, it’s us!

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to options, but if you love the vibe of our mini golf in Manchester joint, then you’ll be sure to love our suggestions. And remember, if you want to grab a bite at the yard, we have pizzas, hot-dogs and more available too.



Bunnys! Famous for its 25p chicken wings and overall great atmosphere, it’s about a 2 minute walk from Junkyard Golf Club so if you love chicken, you need to give it a try.

Bottomless Bunny runs from 12pm – 4pm, where over an hour and a half you can eat as many chicken wings as possible and drink as many beers, frozen cocktails and Lambrinis as you can manage – all for £25.

You can find out more here.


Ok, so you can do more at Hatch than eat – if you Google it, it’s actually listed as a shopping centre (lol). Although it may have a couple of shops, this place is definitely more of a drinking and eating destination. Based in a courtyard on Oxford Street, it’s full of shipping containers all serving different types of food – Sicilian street food, NYC inspired sandwiches, asian street food and much more.

*Bonus points: it has a bar on an old double decker bus.*


A home away from home, you’ll find great cocktails (just like our yard), banging pizza and nachos! Happy hour is Sunday – Friday from 5pm-9pm, so take advantage of cheap cocktails and biggg pizza slices for just £2.50.  Junkyard Golf Club and Crazy Pedros pretty much make the perfect couple, especially on a night out so if you’re looking for fun but casual times, add it to your list.

There are two venues in Manchester, one on Bridge Street, roughly a seven minute walk from Junkyard Golf Club and one in Northern Quarter, roughly a ten minute walk.

*Did you know: Justin Bieber visited Crazy Pedros when he was in Manchester!*


Literally a minute walk from Junkyard Golf Club, this place is just too good not to mention – especially if you’re in to spicy food! ‘Tiffin’ pretty much translates to ‘a packed lunch’ so think of loads of little bites and picky food that would fit in to a lunch box.

They have loads of traditional curries, but what makes this place so good is the flavours in the smaller dishes, so we recommend playing Indian tapas and trying something new.

You can find out more here.


Society is roughly a 5 minute walk away and is a hidden gem, nestled next to a pond, fountain and a huge willow tree – you’ll barely even feel like you’re in the city centre.

It’s kind of like a modern indoor market, with a huge indoor space with various food vendors and bars, as well as plenty of spots to sit outside. The drinks are on the pricier side, but the food is much more reasonably priced, and delicious!


Finally, we couldn’t cover the best places to eat near Junkyard Golf Club Manchester without including Wolf at the Door!

Bao, tacos, beer, cocktails and great vibes – that alone makes it one of our favourites, but if you needed any more persuading then their bao buns and tacos start at £1! There’s loads of veggie and vegan options and if you haven’t heard about it already then you need to try their legendary chippie curry bao!

Based on Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter, it’s roughly a 10 minute walk (even less if you’re fast!)

Oh, and if you’re visiting our Newcastle venue any time soon, then we’ve got you covered there too. Check out the best places to eat near Junkyard Golf Club Newcastle here.

Once you’ve decided where to eat, book your Junkyard Golf Club tickets in advance to guarantee your spot. See you soon 👀