The Best Indoor Activities in Newcastle

Even in summer, as Northerners we know we can never rely on the weather, so lucky for us there’s still plenty to do indoors. If you’ve read our recent post on fun things to do in Newcastle for adults, you’ll already know of a few great indoor activity spots.

There’s Selfie Central – a ‘selfie shop’ but also kind of a museum, CTRL Pad – great for gamers or people that just want to see what’s new in the gaming world, and Hatchet Harry’s Axe Throwing – great for letting off some steam and having fun in the process!

Below you’ll find more of our top rated indoor activities in Newcastle.



Why should kids have all the fun? Known as Newcastle’s only all day, all night party, Howlers is the only adult ball pit you’ll find in Newcastle and they have plenty of other reasons to visit too. With weekly live acts and bottomless drinks,

In case you’re wondering, they claim to have the *cleanest balls* in Newcastle, deep cleaning them every week.

You can find out more here.

JUMP 360

Jump 360 is a huge trampoline centre, where you can either just have fun and mess about, or practice your tuck and pike jumps. It’s high energy and will leave you with loads of adrenaline – especially if you take part in their 20-obstacle Geordie Ninja Warrior Course.

If it turns out you love it as much as we do and think you’d have more chance of working out there than at a gym, then you can check out the Jump Fit membership options too.

You can find out more here.


If you’re looking for an indoor group activity and love escape rooms, then Exit is one to add to your list. Filled with puzzles and different themed rooms, it’s fun for all age groups and a great bonding experience. No arguing if you don’t make it out though.


If you fancy something a bit more serious, Newcastle Climbing Centre is great just for a one-off session climbing some of the smaller walls, or could end up becoming a hobby if you want to go for the bigger walls.

It’s fun, gets the adrenaline pumping and is a great way to build trust with whoever you’re climbing with – basically if your partner isn’t paying attention when you’re climbing, then there’s a good chance you’ll fall, so choose who you go with wisely.

You can book here.


This one is similar to Jump 360 but rather than trampolines think bouncy castles. There’s slides, obstacle courses, climbing walls, total wipeout challenges and so much more. Again, it might seem like it’s for kids but you’ll find plenty of adults there – it’s basically an inflatable theme park, and who doesn’t love theme parks?

You can find out more here.


This isn’t your average cinema, it’s a step back in time. If seeing a movie doesn’t seem like the most exciting day out, then try visiting this traditional theater instead – the decor will make you feel like you’re in the early 90s. Their Cafe Bar also has a range of events of, where you’ll find everything from talks from well-known podcasters to insights in to the US porn industry 👀

But if you’d rather stick with the modern we’d recommend the Every Man cinema – it’s like watching a film in you’re living room, but comfier!

You can book tickets here.

Finally, if you’ve heard of NQ64, we have good news, it’s coming to Newcastle in August 2022!  If you haven’t heard of it, NQ64 is an arcade bar full of retro video games, including all of the classics, like Pacman, Mario, dance mats and more. Great news for the city and even more great things to do in doors.

Oh and  in case it wasn’t obvious, our crazy golf in Newcastle is still by far our favourite indoor activity. Walk ins are available, but we always recommend booking your tickets in advance. See you soon.