Frequently Asked

Advance Bookings

Bookings can be made online for groups of up to 20. During peak times, we recommend booking in advance to secure a time slot of your choice.
Groups larger than 20 should email to get puttin!


Walk-ins are welcome all day, every day! Please bear in mind that at peak times or for larger groups there may be a short wait to get on to the course, but there’s a bar for that!

What your policy on under 18’s?!

We allow supervised under 18’s at the following times ONLY:

Sunday to Thursday before 7pm, last entry 6pm. One paying adult must supervise every 4 under 18s.

We operate a Challenge 25 policy and ID will be required when entering the yard! Photos or scans of valid IDs will not be accepted.

What’s it gonna cost me?!

Sun – Thurs £8.00
Fri – Sat: £9.50

COOL! How do I book?

Tickets are available to book online but we also offer a limited number of walk-in slots, available from the venue. These are available on a first come, first served basis, but can’t be purchased for later times or future days, soz!

If you have a group of OVER 20 playas, please email

SICK. When should we turn up?!

At least 20 minutes before your timeslot, PRETTY PLEASE! We’re often pretty busy and need to get you ready to putt before you get onto the course. Any other free time can be spent getting in the party drinks… we’ll take a Ribena Turner, thanks 😉

Can’t I just leave a deposit and pay the rest on the night?

Afraid not, sorry! We can only reserve tickets once they’ve all been paid for in advance, we always recommend booking online.

So, what if there are more of us than the amount of tickets that are available online?

If you have a group of OVER 20 playas, please email

For group sizes below that amount, you may find that you’ll have to book across consecutive time slots. Bear in mind that when you’re playing we’ll split your party into groups of a maximum of 6 anyway. So, have a think in advance about who’s gonna play with who. Pro-tip for victory: putt yourself with the worst players! 😉

Why is 6 the maximum number of putters allowed on at any time slot?

Any more and you’ll slow down all the other putters behind you, we don’t want any brawls on the yard!

I can’t find a contact number?!

We don’t have a contact telephone number I’m afraid, our venues are way too loud! You are best contacting us on our social platforms to give us heads up or drop us an email with details of your booking to:

I’m going to be late or can’t make my booking, what should I do?

You are best contacting us on our social platforms to give us heads up or drop us an email with your booking confirmation: 

I’ve missed my booking, do I get my money back?

We don’t do refunds, sorry!

In exceptional circumstances as a good-will gesture, we may be able to issue you with a refund or re-book you for another day. This is at the customer service representatives discretion. Please email with proof of your booking and the venue you’ve booked for and we’ll be in touch!

Oops, I forgot to add an additional playa to the booking! How do I add them?

Get yourself back on the ticketing page and buy an additional ticket for the same time slot on the same course, simple huh?

But, it’s sold out!

Unfortunately, slots do sell out quickly, particularly on the weekends. Fear not, there are a few options:
– If it’s a for few extra people, book them on the following time slot and they won’t be too far behind the rest of your group.
– Don’t forget that there are also a limited number of walk-in slots that are available to buy at the venue on the day. You could always get down earlier to buy one of those!

Can’t you just squeeze one or two more people on?

Unfortunately not. Walk-in tickets are only available to buy from the venue on the day. It’d be unfair on all the other putters to prioritise, sorry!

How long does it take to get around the course?

That depends on when your booking is, the ability of the players in your group, how many are in your group and how many party drinks you’ve had! The average is an hour.

We’re playing 2 courses. How much of a gap should we leave?

We recommend leaving 45 minutes to avoid missing your second round. You can always get a drink and some snacks whilst you wait!

How many bars are there?

There are two main bars in the venue serving a great range of cocktails and party snacks, plus a bar halfway around each course. Loser buys the drinks!

What kind of food do you do?

Get involved with our selection of hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and pick ’n’ mix available at our main bar!

Can we reserve tables?

Afraid not, sorry. It’s generally not too much of a wait to get one though!

Do you do any discounts?

HELL YEAH! Students can get 50% off golf Sunday – Thursday via the UNiDAYS app, or rock up on the day for tickets on the door. Please note you will be required to bring a valid student ID upon arrival for walk-up tickets.

Emergency service workers get 50% off on Mondays and Tuesdays. Simply show up with your ID. These tickets cannot be booked in advance though, walk-ins only!

For corporate bookings of over 20, how long before the event do we have to pay our invoice?

At least 2 weeks before the event, but the sooner the better please. If you haven’t paid by then, we’ll have to release your tickets. The majority of our reservations are made at least 2 weeks in advance, so for us to have any chance to re-sell them we have to stick strictly to this rule.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

‘Fraid not right now, but we are looking into this for the future!

When’s the last tee off time?

Monday: 12PM-11PM
Tuesday: 12PM-11PM
Wednesday: 12PM-11PM
Thursday: 12PM-11PM
Friday: 12PM-12AM
Saturday: 12PM-12AM
Sunday: 12PM-9PM

I would like to speak to someone about my Junkyard Golf Club experience. Who can I contact?

We’re happy to listen! Please drop an email to and we’ll be in touch promptly to help!

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