The Best Places to Eat Near Junkyard Golf Club London

We all know you’re completely spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat in London, but luckily we’ve got your back. If you’re planning a day or night out at our crazy golf in London venue, then we know the best spots to eat nearby.

Our Shoreditch venue on Worship Street literally couldn’t have any more bars and restaurants around it, so it’s easy to find great places to eat within a 10 minute walk, or less.



If you’re the kind of group that finds it hard to decide on what to eat, then Spitalfields Market is your answer. With 20 different food vendors, including street food joints and well-known restaurants like Leon and Itsu, you’re going to find something to suit everyone. Seriously, they cover pretty much all cuisines, from Italian to Japanese.

The markets will also keep you busy for a good few hours, with a lot more than food on offer. There’s plenty of events on at the markets, famous faces often make appearances and there’s so many stalls and shops to browse, from art and fashion to plants and gifts.

You can find out more here.


With the slogan, ‘Eat Better, Live Better’ you can bet you’ll find loads of delicious but healthy dishes here, but that doesn’t mean it’s all salads!

The name fuses ‘Eat’ and ‘Italy’ together, so you’re going to find some of the best Italian food in the whole of London here. With plenty of pasta dishes, pizzas and meats cooked on a wood-burning grill, their menu is full of classic and modern Italian delights!

You can view the menu here.


If you’ve read our blog post on the best places to eat near Junkyard Golf Club Manchester, then you’ll already know we love food vendors stacked inside shipping containers. In terms of food, you’re going to find even more choice than at Spitalfields Market, with so many cuisines and loads of desert places too.

There’s so much going on at Boxpark, including pretty much daily events such as quizzes, DJs, comedy shows and more, as well as so many shops to browse.

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The highest 24 hour restaurant in London, you’ll find great food as well as amazing views. The food is a mixture of wholesome hearty meals, as well as light bar bites and a huge cocktail menu. If you’re on a late one, you can even order from their breakfast menu between 12am – 5am.

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Ok, so we might have another contender when it comes to the best Italian food in London on the list. Gloria doesn’t just have insanely good food, but their decor is next level  too.

With a huge menu, mixing old Italian classics with the new, they source the majority of their ingredients from 180 small producers in Italy, so you know you’re really getting the authentic deal here.

*Bonus Points: They claim to have a killer cocktail menu too.

You can view their menu here.


Burger and Beyond claim to have the best ‘London’s best burgers and signature sides’ and honestly, they aren’t lying.

If you’re looking for something chilled, but filling then really all you need to do is look at one of their burgers and you’re gonna want to go. From 5pm-7pm Monday-Thursday they have happy hour on too, where you can choose one item off their menu for only £6. If you’re looking for week day treat, then this place is the one.


One for the fine-diners, Dishoom has become synonymous with glamour and insanely great food. There are a few of them in London, but you’ll find the nearest one in Shoreditch around a 10 minute walk from our venue.

If you love Indian food, then really you’re missing out by not trying Dishoom and they have plenty of bits, including sauces to take home and recreate their dishes too.


Lets face it, pretty much everyone knows of Brick Lane, but did you know it’s like the equivalent of Manchester’s curry mile?

If Dishoom’s a bit too fancy for you, then you’re going to find so many small and casual but award winning Indian restaurants on Brick Lane.

From full dishes, to street food and Tiffin style snacks, you’ll be able to pop in somewhere without needing a booking.


Last on our list is another street food market –  can you tell that we love variety yet? This market is one of our favourites though, so lets say we saved the best until last. Set in an urban oasis, surrounded by palm trees and waterfalls, this place doesn’t just offer great food, but also great food. You’ll find 15 different food vendors, music and outdoor terraces – it’s the perfect accompaniment to a day out at Junkyard Golf Club.

You can find out more here.

Once you’ve decided where to eat, book your Junkyard Golf Club tickets in advance to guarantee your spot. See you soon 👀