The Best Bits from Pride 2022 (UK)

Pride events might take place all year round, but let’s face it some events are bigger and better than others.

We go all out for pride, with each of our venues having their own Pride Ambassador, who host a Pride Party with drag queens, DJ’s, make-up artists, acts, entertainment and a local charity all chosen to support. This year we also launched our Kiss the Rainbow cocktail which raised over £17,333 for LGBTQ+ causes.

The charities we raised money for included:

Manchester – AKT Charity | London – London Friend | Oxford – Oxford Pride Group | Leeds – Colours Youth Network | Liverpool – Michael Causer Foundation | Newcastle – Northern Pride

As well as our HQ Pride party, raising money for The Proud Trust, which included bingo, our own drag race, cocktail making and a quiz.

junkyard golf pride cocktail

With our crazy golf Manchester venue recently celebrating with Drag Queens Sasha Blaze, Kiki Pain and more, we thought it was the perfect time to look at some of the best bits from the biggest pride events so far this year.

If you’ve not managed to get to an event yet, don’t worry there’s still plenty more to come. Actually there’s literally hundreds of different events on all year, but only some of them go on for full weekends and include everything from parades, performers and of course Ru Paul’s Drag Race Royalty.

For a full list of pride events that are yet to come, check out this calendar. And for the best bits from the biggest pride events this year, keep reading below.



Let’s face it, London pride was always going to be the biggest in terms of numbers and it did start 50 years ago, so you’d expect it to be one of the busiest pride events – this year though it was reported to have been the biggest pride event in the world.

This year’s pride was held over the first July weekend, spanning across Soho, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and more. Here are some of the best bits:

The Decor

Truthfully, we loved all the decor so it’s hard to pick out a favourite – and why can’t we keep it up all year round? This could be the largest rainbow flag in the world though, so we had to include this.

March for Ukraine

At an event that celebrates unity and peace, a march for Ukraine seems like the perfect place to raise awareness that the war is on-going.

The Leather Men

This iconic photo of the Leather Men does everything pride is about – feeling proud. The leather community has been strong in the LGBTQ scene since the mid 1900s, but in the 1980s they were known for holding fundraisers to pay medical bills and to help friends and family impacted by HIV/AIDS. They were a support system when many others simply turned their backs.

Support for the NHS

Supporting the NHS is something most of us do regardless of the pandemic, so it was great to see people to still flying the flag and raising awareness for the hard working staff who tirelessly look after us day-after-day.

The Performances

Of course there were too many epic performances to mention, so we’ll just leave this BTS footage from Ava Max here.


Manchester, the birth place of Junkyard Golf Club and a gay village like no other. Manchester’s Pride was much later on to the scene when comparing to Brighton & London, but as many will say it’s still one of the best. Here are our best bits:

The Umbrellas

We’ve never seen Canal Street looking so good – if only the overhead decor and rainbow umbrellas could stay all year round.

The Vigil

Each year, on the last night of pride a vigil is held, where everyone lights a candle in memory of those that are no longer with us. For many, this is the most memorable part of pride and a way to honour those that have come before.

Ginny Lemon’s Dog Show

Brighton & Hove weren’t the only ones to celebrate the dogs, drag royalty Ginny Lemons also hosted her own show. Putting the dogs of Manchester front and centre, it’s a part of Manchester’s pride that we hope becomes tradition!

Canal Street

We had to give a final shout out to Canal Street in general because, well it’s iconic! The decor went above and beyond this year and if the rainbow umbrellas weren’t enough, then there was plenty more to see above head.


Although London is said to be the biggest event in terms of numbers, many would argue that Brighton is the biggest, and the best. Regardless, Brighton has been known as a hub for gay people for well over 50 years and is said to have the largest LGBTQ community today. Here are our best bits:

The Pride Dog Show

Pride. Dogs. That’s it, there’s really nothing else to say. Seriously is there anything better in life than a glamorous cat-dog walk? Nope.

Xtina Aguilera

So Brighton Pride should probably be crowned the best just for this alone. Iconic.

The Outfits

You only have to scroll through Insta to see that Brighton pride had the best display of outfits. The colours, the creativity – unmatched!

If the above has left you wanting to read more, check out our post on the best indoor activities in Newcastle here. We’ll be covering more cities soon 👀