Did y’all know that International National Clown week is nearly here?  Yeah, that’s’ right! Clown week officially runs from the 1st – 7th August and we’ve got a whole lotta freaky shizzle planned at our Shoreditch yard.

On the 7th August for one night only, we’ll play host to the best performing clowns London has to offer in honour of our circus themed course Bozo. Throwing a freaky fun event full of creepy clowns and fair ground freaks. The event “All The Fun Of The  FEARground” returns to Junkyard Golf Club after the successful freaky debut last year. This ain’t your usual night at the yard. Players are invited to putt their way round the clown filled yard, watch some epic clown performances, taste some wickedly sweet donuts and try the freaky cocktail. Who doesn’t love a bit of clown’in around?

We’ll also be showing our support throughout the week running a super special cocktail “Let The Games Be-GIN”. Gin, lemonade and some sweet sweet garnishes (think XL Chupa Chup lollies).

GOT A SWEET TOOTH? We’re also buddying up with the ace guys at Doughnut Time UK to bring you the ultimate clown week treat. The wickedly sweet sugar coated donut “Upclown Funk” will be available to buy during clown week at the Doughnut Time stores from the 4th – 7th August.

Want in? Simply book to golf from 7pm on the 7th August here: http://bit.ly/junkclowns