Christmas Party Ideas for Work

Still looking for a work Christmas party which is more than just drinks and a meal? Luckily, we’ve got your back! All of our crazy golf venues are offering bespoke party packages, perfect for a Christmas work night out. With our largest cocktail menu to date, plus plenty more drinks and snacks, find out more about our Christmas golf here.

Fancy some more Christmas work inspo? Have a look at our ideas below.



Group activities really are the best if you want to get everyone mixing and mingling. Whatever city you’re in, there’s so many choices. Look at bowling, hiring a karaoke venue or roller skating – if you’re in Manchester, we recommend Paradise Skate World.

If you’re a smaller group, you can also look at group cocktail making, escape rooms, axe throwing, pool tournaments and more.


If you’re looking to keep costs down, but still have a great work Christmas party, then really there’s nothing better than a party in the office! It’s relaxed, fun and you can plan so many low maintenance activities. Just make sure you consult HR!

First on the list to get everyone going would have to be beer pong – split everyone into groups and get the party started. You can then move on to quizzes, find the christmas present, wink murder, anything – if in doubt, think of all the games you used to play as a kid and recreate them for adults!

You can order a load of pizzas, have drinks at the ready and then let people carry on the night if they choose once it’s finished – or if you have the budget, put some money on a bar tab somewhere for afterwards.


Fancy getting someone else to do all the hard work for you? Then an event is for you. In all major cities you’re going to find ready made Christmas parties, often with other companies who you’ll share the space with.

Wherever you’re based, you’re likely to find drag events, winter wonderland events, clubs with musicians and performers, crazy bingo and so much more. Listing sites like Design My Night are a great place to search for ideas.


Depending on the size of your party hiring a space or whole venue might be the most cost effective route. This is particularly good for large work parties, as let’s face it, it’s hard enough knowing who everyone is when you’re in work, never mind when you’re in a public venue with loads of people that don’t even work there.

Hiring a space is a great way for colleagues that have never met to meet each other properly and let their hair down together – it will most likely lead to improved collaboration when you’re back in work.

Oh and did you know, for an hour you can book the whole of Junkyard Golf Club and have it completely to yourself? Tis really is the season for a Junkyard Party. See you soon.